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Fairway Social's second venue opened February 16th, 2023 in the Trilith Town Centre, a 235-acre master-planned residential and mixed-use project that is adjacent to Trilith Studios. Fairway Social Trilith has a total of seven simulator bays that are powered by Full Swing™, a central outdoor green space, and a full-service restaurant & bar with inspired menus and cocktails. Fairway Social Trilith is be a one-of-a-kind destination equipped with live-music, cornhole, and so much more. Read more here

Address: 305 Trilith Parkway, Suite 395, Fayetteville, GA 30214




Envisioned as a gathering place for creatives, artists, storytellers and makers, this European inspired community will include 750 single-family homes, 600 multi-family lofts, 300 hotel rooms and 270,000 square feet of remarkable restaurants, retail, office, and commercial space.

Fairway Social at Trilith will holds a total of seven simulator bays that are powered by Full Swing™, which offer industry leading and champion proven technology for all virtual sport games. This venue is also a full-service restaurant with chef-inspired meals & a bar with delicious drinks! Additional to the simulator bays and outdoor space, Fairway Social Trilith is equipped with live-music, cornhole, watch parties and so much more.













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