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Roaring Social Alpharetta opened in September 2021 in the basement of the Hamilton Hotel. The venue is approx. 9,000 square-feet. Roaring Social was created as an

unequalled destination where friends, family, and cohorts come together to experience the unexpected and the unforgettable.

Address: 35 Milton Avenue, Alpharetta, GA 30009




Roaring Social Alpharetta was designed with a nod to its infamous past; revelers enter the respectable storefront of RoSo Clothiers. Those in the know will find the secret password, a password opening an unassuming door to unexpected delights. As you sink into velvet sofas, taking in the impeccable surroundings, you’ll swear you hear the whispered conversations, laughter, and strains of music of a bygone era. Surrounded by opulence and world-class style, you’ll discover to your surprise that the pleasures of the past are present today.

Roaring Social Alpharetta is a full-service restaurant and bar that was designed for both public and private events. The venue encompasses a live music stage, eight VIP Lounges, eight Boutique Bowling lanes, the Babe Ruth Room, and so much more. Through masterful conception and design, we’ve created an unmatched celebration of live music, food, drink, entertainment, and more. 




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